Infographic Design: Turning Data into Good Marketing

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A few months ago I was approached with a question from a client after they received great results from a customer feedback survey: How do we market this? For my client, ADA Carbon Solutions, marketing can be a big challenge. They must reach a very unique audience within a very specific industry with a message that has an impact. We know that their audience has a ton of pain points when it comes to picking a Powdered Activated Carbon supplier: cost, availability, supply, reliability, consistency of product, expertise, and finding … Read More

Using Advertising Wisdom To Drop Conversion Costs

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During the past year I was able to produce a 85% drop in cost-per-conversion for a client. You might be thinking to yourself, “my, that sounds impressive.” Well no shit. It is impressive. When I took over their Google Adwords account, I was the first to implement proper conversion measurement, and I wasn’t all that shocked to discover their cost per conversion was in the $25 – $35 range. In fact, $25 – $35 cost per conversion can be pretty standard when running a Google Adwords campaign in the real … Read More

Chops Brand Identity

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Wedding bands are mostly lame. They play crappy 80s covers. They don’t have any passion. For the most part, the wedding band industry is a creative wasteland. I had the idea that I could pull on my contacts and musician friends from 10 years of playing and touring and create a business that would help get them better paying gigs. Chops was the result. Chops is an event musician company, but we’re different because we are cool. In fact, being cool is our entire differentiation in the market. We needed … Read More